KAMU – a creative union of two artists, Olga and Sergey working under a pseudonym. Artists live in France.

“All the times, the artists enspired with art created in the previous era. Roman art absorbed the aesthetics, techniques, images of art of Antic Greece. Renaissance art was created under the influence of Greece and Rome, Byzantium and the Early Renaissance. Gustav Klimt and Van Gogh absorbed and reinterpreted Japanese prints. Picasso created works under the influence of African sculpture and Russian icons. Strong influence on the Impressionists had the appearance of photography.
The paintings, which are created by artists also rich of the culture and art of the great eras. The works of KAMU giving us the image of a woman, lost in her reverie. The peculiarity of the technic of the artists is a unique technology of preparation of the canvas with the application of several layers of colors and wax, use of gold leafs and combinftion of acrylic and oil painting. ”


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